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Henry Ashmole Diary Notes

Freezing Cold
Saturday 2nd January 1864; "A very cold day"

Tuesday 23rd February 1864; "A very snowy morning, & thawed almost as quick as it fell. I went nowhere in particular"

Wednesday 9th March 1864; "The most miserable day during the whole winter, sleet snow, very cold wind & such like sufficient to give any one the miserables"

Easter Monday 28th March 1864; "turned out a very rough night snow, sleet & wind"

Tuesday 29th March 1864; "A very rough day. All day in office"

Wednesday 30th March 1864; "it snowed for 2 hrs the first thing in the morning & then a quick thaw"

Monday 3rd October 1864; "Today has been a very cold day the wind in the East & very searching"

Tuesday 4th October 1864; "another cold day"

Tuesday 1st November 1864; "a bitter cold day"

Thursday 17th November 1864; "A wretched wet miserable cold day"

Friday 16th December 1864; "It has been a bitter cold day a piercing wind from the N enough to cut one almost in two"

Sunday 18th December 1864; "A very snowy day a sharp frost in the night…Not a sufficiently fine afternoon to walk any distance, so HWA & I walked to Aunt Jane’s & had  tea there, & from thence to the Chapel"

Monday 19th December 1864; "Another very cold morning some frost, roads very slippery"

Tuesday 20th December 1864; "A fast thaw all night"

Thursday 22nd December 1864; "A cutting wind all day"

Friday 23rd December 1864; "A very cold wind all day"

Sunday 1st  January 1865; "It snowed in the morning, thawed during the day & then froze sharp at night which made it very dangerous travelling"

Soaking Wet!
Monday 29th February 1864; "an extremely wet day"

Wednesday 4th May 1864; "had some delightful showers"

Monday 9th May 1864; "it was a very miserable wet morning"

Tuesday 31st May 1864; "A beautiful rain for 4 or 5 hours"

Friday 3rd June 1864; "A wet day. Beat Harry 3 games of Billiards"

Monday 13th June 1864; "got caught in a very heavy shower but none the worse for it"

Wednesday 15th June 1864; "A very rough day, storm in the afternoon"

Tuesday 9th August 1864; "A beautiful rain for about 2 or 3 hours"

Tuesday 23rd August 1864; "A beautiful rain all day…This very acceptable rain has done a vast amount of good"

Tuesday 6th September 1864; "Father’s birthday. Had a nice shower in the morning, & in the afternoon"

Saturday 22nd October 1864; "A beautiful rain for 2 hours between 5 & 7 AM"

Sunday 23rd October 1864; "Every appearance of rain in the morning prevented a great number from attending Divine Service"

Thursday 8th December 1864; " a dull wet day but turned out fine in the afternoon"

Glorious Weather
Monday 11th April 1864; "Has been a most delightful day"

Tuesday 12th April 1864; "Another magnificent day. Bessie went to Tunbridge"

Wednesday 13th April 1864; "Another glorious day. Spent the evening at the Angel"

Thursday 14th April 1864; "Steeple Chases at Brentwood, a splendid day for do, although there was plenty of dust"

Tuesday 29th June 1864; "The Gadflys were troublesome"

Friday 1st July 1864; "A very fine day"

Friday 9th December 1864; "It has been a very mild week more like spring; but not seasonable"

Monday 12th December 1864; "A dull day & not seasonable, though it was a very fine morning"

Monday 26th December 1864; "A fine day"

Too hot, too dry
Tuesday 19th July 1864; "Went to London in the morning, a tremendous hot day"

Wednesday 20th July 1864; "Another tremendous Hot day"

Thursday 21st July 1864; "Another tremendous hot day scorching everything up. – Had a shower in the evening but nothing to speak of"

Saturday 30th July 1864; "Exceedingly dry weather; prayed for rain in St. Mary’s"

Friday 5th August 1864; "Extremely dry weather, no rain to speak of for weeks; & no signs of it now, as fine as ever, the glass as high. I am afraid it will prove serious"

Saturday 6th August 1864; "Another very dry day, looks a little like rain 10AM. We did not get any rain all day"

Monday 8th August 1864; "Another very dry day; threatened a good deal for rain the first thing & went off again, turned out a fine day"

Foggy Weather
Friday 4th November 1864; "The day was fine although a little foggy all day, but in the evening we had November ‘with a vengeance’ it was tremendously  foggy. I don’t ever remember seeing it more so"

Monday 21st November 1864; "A very foggy disagreeable day…turned out a fine afternoon"

Friday 2nd December 1864; "Has been very foggy all night & do all day, but fortunately cleared up in the evening"

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