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1987 March

Bert Lockwood delivered atalk to the Society on a Barking pub crawl.

1989 September

Society presented Harold Wand with a watercolour sketch of Barking town-house “The Paddock” to mark his 80th birthday.

1990 December

Rob Gehringer and Bert Lockwood appointed vice-presidents.

1991 December

G.S. “Pip” Sanders-Hewett elected president following the death of Harold Wand. Pip was the grandson of the Society’s 2nd president.

1993 November

Chairman Fred Ettritch took part in a BBC Radio 4 Billy Bragg programme about Barking town.


Diamond Jubilee of Society celebrated. Bert Lockwood published “A Happy Thought: the story of Barking and District Historical Society 1934-1994.

1994 June

Death of James Oxley, the Society’s first secretary.

1994 December

Joan Harrison appointed a vice-president.

1999 May

Death of Norah Dane, a vice-president, aged 101.

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