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Henry Ashmole Diary Notes
Travel Notes

Friday 29th January 1864; "Went to London with Father"

Sunday 14th February 1864; "…we went to the Manor in the afternoon"

Friday 19th February 1864; "Went to London"

Thursday 25th February 1864; "…[Uncle Brittain’s birthday dinner]… went  & returned per rail; came up by last train"

Tuesday 19th April 1864; "Father & I went …to Chigwell..Woodford"

Friday 22nd April 1864" Went to London"

Thursday 28th April1864; "Went to Stratford…& Cemetery in the afternoon"

Thursday 5th May 1864; "I went to London, & returned by the 5 train"

Saturday 14th May 1864; "Went to…21 Bedford Square"

Wednesday 18th May 1864; "I went to East Ham"

Thursday 2nd June 1864; "…to Chadwell in the afternoon"

Saturday 4th June 1864; "Went to Chadwell Heath Station"

Tuesday 14th June 1864; "Went to London in the morning"

Tuesday 5th July 1864; "Went to London …in the morning…in the afternoon …to Collier Row; called at Cauliflower & Little Heath & came home round Chadwell Heath. Mother & Willie spent to spend the day in London"

Monday 12th September 1864; "Aunt Mary & Uncle Woolmer started with the intention of going up by the 9 Train; when they got to the Station the train had just gone & some vulgar individual  screamed out that they ‘could hang on behind’ however they did not, but went to the Post Office & up by the last train at 9.50 HA"

Monday 20th June 1864; "My horse ‘Lion’ went to London & on coming home was taken with a sudden attach of gripes or something of the kind quite off feed"

Tuesday 21st June 1864; "Lion is better 6AM"

Wednesday 22nd June 1864; "Went to Romford in the morning…Lion on feed again"

Monday 4th July 1864; "A. Low returned, left his nag that he came on down at the ‘Angel’ to get a customer for her"

Tuesday 26th July 1864; "Had my Cart thoroughly repaired"

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