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Henry Ashmole Diary Notes
Family Matters

Mother & Father
Tuesday 7th June 1864; "Mother, Aunt & Young Maria went to the Royal Academy from thence to 22 Rathbone Place"

Monday 18th July 1864; "Mother bottled a lot of Currants for Mrs. Willets. Mrs. Walker & Mr. Calverly came here in the evening unexpectedly. Aunt Bessy & Jane took tea here. Mrs Walker & Mr. Calverly came up quite unexpectedly to stay two or three days at Mrs. Bartlett’s"

Friday 29th July 1864; "went to meet Mother by the ½ past 10 train. We found on Saturday morning that she had been clever enough to have lose her purse with about £5 in it, we think in all probability a woman who alighted at Forest Gate relieved her of the same"

Thursday 11th August 1864; "Father, Mother, Aunt Jane & Jenny went to Dinner to Mr. Vacher’s, Notting Hill. Bessie kepy house for me during their sojourn. Aunt Bessie went  up with them & had 2 teeth out at Hockley’s; Jenny & Aunt Jane went with her"

Friday 12th August 1864; "They returned from Notting Hill in the evening per mail train, & Father was suffering from an attack of Diarrhoea; & he went directly to bed directly he  got home"

Monday 15th August 1864; "H.W.A. attains his majority. I gave him a box of tools…Father had his nasty side ache"

Tuesday 6th September 1864; "Father’s birthday. Father & H.W.A & Harry came down here in the evening, Aunt Jane & Bessy & Jenny & Bessy spent the evening here & wished Father  many happy returns. Aunt Bessy much better"

Sunday 11th September 1864; "Mother not so bad as she was on Friday & Saturday; she did no go to Chapel in the morning, but the evening"

Friday 4th November 1864; "Maria Ashmole going to Spring Grove on a visit for a week or so. Father taken ill with aches in the kidney & adjoining parts. M.A. went with her Papa. Father  was better in the evening…H.B. & Self went to fetch Jenny & Bessy from Brandon Villa where they had been taking tea. Aunt Jane spent day here"

Tuesday 8th November 1864; "Father had a very bad night…Harry came here"

Thursday 10th November 1864; "Father a little better…Lotty returned from Prussia after an absence of 15 months; I don’t see much alteration in her. Mary & Kate Low &  Jenny returned from Mr. Brittain’s"

Friday 11th November 1864; "Father still continues about the same…Mr. Willett called in to see how father was…Father is no better nor worse. We had our puppy   'Watch’ from the Manor"

Saturday 12th November 1864; "Father and Mother, Lotty & Kate Low all went for a drive in the afternoon in the Britsker. G.G. did not come as he had a boil on shoulder & wrote me  in consequence…Mr. & Mrs. Smith from Booker’s Lea called in on their road to U. Brittain’s. We all went ot bed early as we had nasty Colds &c"

Thursday 17th November 1864; "Father in bed all day as he had the blister on from 3 o’clock this morning till 3 in the afternoon"

Friday 18th November 1864; "…Aunt Mary came down in the morning. Uncle W. & (Mr. Wood quite unexpectedly) in the afternoon & spent  the evening & returned by the last train. Father is decidedly better, the blister did him good…Aunt Maria wrote to say she should be here tomorrow to see Father"

Aunt Emma [Hunsdon] & Uncle Brittain Brown [Paper Maker]

Thursday 25th February 1864; "Uncle Brittain’s birthday…Had an invitation to Uncle Brittain’s for this day to dinner.Had a jolly dinner, went & returned  per rail; came up by last train…Aunt Emma & Uncle Ben came up"

Friday 9th September 1864; "Aunt Emma came from Cambridge to Ilford to stay a few days. Mr. Brown went to London, starts tomorrow morning for Plymouth. We all went & spent the evening  at Aunt Jane’s…Mother taken ill with a pain in her breast"

Tuesday 13th September 1864; "…Aunt Emma returned home & Aunt Bessy accompanied her. John met them to say ‘goodbye’ at London Bridge. I hope this visit will do  Aunt Bessy good. Mother got quite well again. M. Ashmole & A. Willett are still making valuable additions to our ‘Monthly Meeting’ A. Willett on a visit at the ‘Angel’ helps wash & dress Alice & Walter puts them to bed &c;  it is evident she is getting her hand in for some future time"

The Hunsdons

Thursday 28th April 1864; "…Had notice from several persons per advertisement in yesterday’s Telegraph about ‘Hunsdon’ Deceased the children  of the brothers & sisters of the late John Hunsdon"

Friday 29th April 1864; "Father went & took Aunt Jane to Dagenham to inquire after Hunsdon Deceased, he died February 1801. They succeeded in finding his grave in Dagenham Churchyard;  but he was no relation to my mother’s family"

Aunt Mary [Hunsdon] & Uncle Woolmer [Gattey] Baker of Marylebone

Thursday 18th February 1864; "Aunt Mary came down to spend 3 or 4 days; just fancy: what a shame leaving my poor Uncle in solitude all this time: I hardly know what he'll do with himself"

Sunday 21st February 1864; "Uncle Woolmer came down in the afternoon & returned with Aunt Mary in the evening. G.G. came again"

Thursday 16th June 1864; "Aunt Mary came down to spend the day, dined here & was driven over to Uncle Brittain’s by Father stayed there to tea & returned in the evening; &  went up by 9 train…Aunt Jane, Jenny & Harry spent evening here"

Monday 12th September 1864; "Aunt Mary & Uncle Woolmer came down to spend the day…Aunt Mary & Uncle Woolmer started with the intention of going up by the 9 Train. When they  got to the Station the train had just gone & some vulgar individual screamed out that they ‘could hang on behind’ however they did not, but went to the Post Office & up by the last train at 9.50 HA"

Tuesday 27th September 1864; "Aunt Mary came down by 10 Train I took her for a drive to Chadwell Heath & returned home to Dinner, & was not a little surprised on my arrival to find  Captain Wright here; he came from St. Helena on Sunday last & very glad to get away from such a place…Uncle Woolmer came down in the afternnon…Aunt Maria & Harry & John Brown came in the evening…"

Aunt Jane [Hunsdon] & Uncle Bartlett

Wednesday 20th January 1864; “Got up at 1 o'clock & spent the evening at Aunt Jane’s”

Friday 2nd December 1864; "Mr. Hogarth came down to bring Father’s hat that he had taken away by mistake on Tuesday last…Mr. Wright Aunt Jane about a damned bitch stealing his watch & Chain’, & wanting to know if she could lend him £20 to buy another; he said he would not have lost them for £40; all I have to say is that it serves him right for having got into bad Company HA"

Aunt Bessy
Tuesday 9th August 1864; "Aunt Bessie had 2 teeth out"

Thursday 1st September 1864; "…arrived home at ½  past 2AM & I went at once for Dr. Sullivan to come out & see Aunt Bessy who was suffering considerably from violent pains  in her inside; she had no sleep all night. The poor partridges have been slaughtered today"

Friday 2nd September 1864; "Aunt Bessy still very queer"

Saturday 3rd September 1864; "Aunt Bessy better…Harriet Stanton came here to stay till Monday"

Wednesday 7th September 1864; "Aunt Bessy had a good night & still improving. Mrs. Hatch’s baby got smothered"

Saturday 8th October 1864; "Bessy went to have a tooth out, but the Doctor thought it advisable not to extract it"

The Willetts
Thursday 8th September 1864; "Mrs. & Miss Willett & Mrs Branch (Mr. Fardell’s Aunt) took tea here & Mr. Willett came in the Evening"

Frank Ashmole
Monday 20th June 1864; "Frank Ashmole had an abcess lanced that was forming in the palm of his hand"

Tuesday 21st June 1864; "Mr & Mrs & the two Miss Willett’s took tea here. F. Ashmole came to dinner. Jenny accompanied him home ; his hand no better. Harry came in the evening"

Thursday 23rd June 1864; Frank’s hand better"

Friday 24th June 1864; "Frank’s hand still better"

Friday 1st July 1864; "Mr. & Mrs. Willet came here to tea,..Frank’s hand all right with the exception of the hard skin over the wound"

Mr. Fardell
Monday 6th June 1864; "Mother & Henry went to spend the afternoon & evening at Mr. Fardell’s. Mrs. Hatch was blest with an increase at 10 o’clock at Night"

Mr George Gadson
Saturday 20th February 1864; "Went to Funeral of Mr. Charrington’s children at Barking Side; had dinner after at the ‘Angel’ & spent the evening at  home. George Gadsdon came"

Wednesday 16th November 1864; "Jenny came to Dinner…most singular occurrence took place & that was G.G. (accidently of course) called in here to see Father (that means Jenny)  a very good blind. He had his carbuncle taken out this day (G.G. I mean). He returned by last train"

The Lows
Thursday 4th February 1864; "Alfred Low’s birthday, they are going to have a dinner party of 20. Mother and Father are going to it. Had a sumptuous repost, & enjoyed  themselves amazingly, got home by the 12 train. Mr. Vacher proposed Alf’s health, & he returned thanks in a most eloquent speech"

Saturday 13th February 1864; "Alfred Low came down to spend Sunday. I went over to G. Gearies in the evening, & spent the remainder, or part of the remainder at Mrs. Bartlett  ?s in commemoration of Bessie’s birthday, which will be tomorrow"

Saturday 14th May 1864; "Went to Low’s at 21 Bedford Square. All went to the ‘Oxford’ in the evening; Westminster Abbey & St. Barnabas next morning; & Mr. Bellews  & St. Giles’s in the Fields in the evening"

Saturday 2nd July 1864; "Alfred Low came down, we went to spend the evening at Mr. Willett’s came home to supper grand party at Oldakers"

Monday 4th July 1864; "A. Low returned, left his nag that he came on down at the ‘Angel’ to get a customer for her…Emma, Annie. & Miss Emily Willett; Jenny &  Bessy  & Maria Ashmole came to take tea here, & Harry Frank & W . Mead & Mr. Willett’s came in the evening; we had a very jolly evening, had the room cleared & had a ‘gig’ but it was rather hot"

Friday 27th February 1864; Aunt Maria’s birthday"

Tuesday 20th September 1864; "Maria Ashmole’s birthday"

Thursday 22nd September 1864; "My brother Willie’s birthday"

Wednesday 8th June 1864; "Dined at the Angel & in the evening about 35 of us went to Miss Miller’s Uphall to a dance in the Barn, we had a very jolly evening indeed,  & Miss Green sang splendidly so did her sister, we did not get home till ½ past 12 or thereabouts"

Tuesday 24th May 1864; "Father went to Puttenden Manor. Mrs. Smith & Emma Smith came down to spend the day, they had tea at Mrs. Bartlett’s"

School Matters
Wednesday 30th March 1864; "Annie & Ellen Farey went to School at Leighton Buzzard; Beds. Aunt Bessy took them to Euston Square Station where they were met by their future  Mistress. Miss Fyffe"

Friday 17th June 1864; "Willie came home from School…Mildred Mattews, Emma Willett spent Evening here. Willie came home from school (sic)"

Friday 29th July 1864; "Willie went back to School at Mr. Hatch’s Crouch End, Hornsey"

Monday 5th September 1864; "…E. Brown…J. Brown…& Kate & Emily Ashmole went back to Spring Grove to School with H. Stanton. I went to see them off by train"

Wednesday 5th October 1864; "Willie went back to School, Father took him…Aunt Jane & Bessy went to the Manor & J. Brown went to fetch them in the evening. Jenny spent the day  here"

Monday 3rd October 1864; "Mother, Willie, Arthur & little Mary Hunsdon all went to see the good folks at Spring Grove; they went by the ‘North London Line’ & were 3½  hours getting there & 4 hours coming back"

Saturday 17th December 1864; "Willie’s day to come home…I met Willie…Jenny was sounded by Dr. Sullivan"

Sunday 15th May 1864; "Our Servant ‘Emma’ went home for a week’s holiday"

Tea Time
Friday 15th April 1864; "Jenny, Maria, Kate, Emily (E.Hawes unexpectedly) all took tea here. Henry & Frank came in the evening"

Thursday 21st July 1864; "Mrs. & Miss. Alderson took tea here & spent the evening, Aunt Bessy is going to keep house for me"

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