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Henry Ashmole Diary Notes

Friday 8th January 1864; "Went to a ball at Hedger’s"

Tuesday 12th January 1864; "Went to a ball at Puttenden Manor at Shipborne, Kent, & a very jolly one it was Mr. & Mrs. Wood, Uncle Woolmer, Jenny & Bessy, Robert, Alfred & Katie Low,  Tate Gatley, Young Watson & myself all went down together a jolly lot"

Wednesday 13th January 1864; "Came from Tunbridge & went to a ball at Morgan’s, Barking in the evening, spent a very pleasant evening not particularly tired after it"

Tuesday 19th January 1864; "Went to a first rate ball at Willett’s Barking. Frank Ashmole accompanied me, Harry, Maria & Kate, were all going but were much disappointed in  not going; through Emily being very ill, in fact not expected to recover; Emma & Annie Willett also went; a Mr. Newman drank too much champagne at Supper which made him, as he thought, wonderfully strong – so much so that he knocked a hole through  the wall with his fist"

Thursday 21st January 1864; "Jenny, Bessy, Harry & myself all went in a most roundabout way (viz by the N. London Line) to a splendid ball at Teddington Manor (Mr. G. Vacher  ?s); there were 90 odd on the occasion, they slept 35 & 30 sat down to Breakfast next morning, a most magnificent supper &c; I danced most with a Miss Stevens. Robert Low & Mr. C. Vackey’s were MCs. (we drank about 5 ½ dozen of wine) kept it  up till 5AM & retired for the morning; rose next morning at 11 o’clock"

Friday 22nd January 1864; "Harry & I returned from Teddington"

Friday 5th February 1864; "Rifle Ball at the Reading Rooms. Had a tolerable ball, but nothing near so good as last year. It cost me altogether about 13/6d [67p]: Left the Room about  ½ past 3. Frank, Jenny, Bessy & I went. Harry did not approve of it"

Monday 8th February 1864; "Ball at Mrs. Low’s 21 Bedford Square…went up by the 4 train PM to the ball at Bedford Square & had a very nice pleasant & jolly evening. We  dressed and went back to sleep at 22 Rathbone Place. I expect this will be the last one this season, on account of Lent being so close on us"

Tuesday 9th February 1864; "Returned from London. Shrove Tuesday"

Saturday 5th November 1864; "Engaged for Hedger’s bonfire at 6PM or a little after…Louis West camedown by 5 o’clock train & we all went to Mr. Hedger's bonfire & had a very jolly Evening: Saw Miss M. & went to see her off by 9 train PM. We broke up at the Academy at about ½ past 8"

Cards; Loo, Whist, Chess
Saturday 6th February 1864; "George Gadson came to spend the evening with us after the Rifle Ball to see how we did. Jenny included, we had a game of ‘Loo'"

Tuesday 8th March 1864; "Spent the evening at home. Miss Barrow spent the evening here, & Harry also. Played Whist & Chess"

Monday 4th April 1864; "William Mead spent the evening here & beat me 3 games at chess"

Monday 2nd May 1864; "Spent the evening at Mrs. Mead’s beat W. Mead 1 good game of chess, & he beat me 3 out of 5 at 5 card Cribbage"

Tuesday 17th May 1864; "Harry came here in the evening & we played Chess & I beat him 1 game"

Friday 10th June 1864; "Father went to the Royal Academy. ..  played Chess in the Evening"

Monday 18th July 1864; "I went & played W. Mead 2 games of Chess & beat him both. Did not get home till 11 o’clock PM"

Thursday 29th September 1864; "…had dinner at 22 Rathbone Place & J.H.B came in the evening we played Loo…We got home by the 20 past 10 Train HA"

Monday 12th September 1864; "HWA came down in the evening, we played Whist"

Thursday 15th September 1864; "Annie Willett & Bessie came here to tea. Bob Mullett & HWA & John came after & had a game at cards"

Saturday 17th September 1864; "Lewis Soper & G. Gadson came here to spend Sunday…we played Loo on the evening. Shooting for prizes at the Butt today. The Lieut. Colonel distributed  the prizes in the evening"

Friday 23rd September 1864; "Harry spent evening here. I beat him a game at Chess"

Tuesday 4th October 1864; "We played vingt et un at Aunt Jane’s"

Wednesday 5th October 1864; "Jenny spent the day here & I beat her 2 games at Chess in the Evening. Father went to the Angel"

Friday 7th October 1864; "John Brown  came in the evening & we played "Whist"

Friday 14th October 1864; "Father & Mother & self went to Mr. Willett’s to spend the evening & celebrate Mrs. Willett’s birthday (53rd). We played Cards & Aunt Maria & M. Ashmole, Harry & William Mead & JHB also quite a party of us"

Tuesday 18th October 1864; "Aunt Mary & Uncle Woolmer came here. Aunt James came here for tea they played cards in the evening"

Wednesday 19th October 1864; "Spent the evening at 22 Rathbone Place played Whist etc; John met my mother & self there. Mother & I went to 23 Bedford Square & saw Mr. & Mrs. Kate,   & Tommy Low. We all came home by the 10 o’clock train"

Friday 21st October 1864; "HWA came her & took a ‘quiet’ cup of tea a quiet game of Chess at which I was quietly vanquished; also a quiet pipe & a nice quiet Supper.  Altogether  we had quite a quiet evening"

Monday 24th October 1864; "H. Haws came here in the evening we played cards"

Friday 28th October 1864; "I beat J & Bessy 4 games out of 6 at Cribbage"

Thursday 3rd November 1864; "Jenny Bartlett & E. Willett came to tea & spent the Evening . Dr. Sullivan’s assistant (Mr. o’Kelly) came here in the evening by Invitation  & J.H.B looked in & did likewise. We played cards"

Friday 11th November 1864; " H.W.A. spent the Evening here, we played Loo. We had our puppy ‘Watch’ from the Manor"

Monday 14th November 1864; " I spent the evening at home playing Whist, reading Muller’s confession &c"

Monday 28th November 1864; "Miss Mackey, Miss Perry came to tea & spent the evening; we played ‘Loo’ &c"

Friday 9th December  1864; "Miss Annie Barrow took tea & spent the evening here. Had supper at home & played whist afterwards J.H.B came down.  Margaret Hawes was buried"

Saturday 10th December 1864; "Miss Mackey & Miss Perry came to tea. Jenny also (who has a hoarseness) also came to tea. We played ‘Loo’ & Vingt et un in the evening  & had a little music & singing &c. Miss M plays well. A. Low came down by 8 train"

Friday 16th December 1864; "J.H.B & I went to Mr. Willett’s to spend the evening. I taught Mr W the moves  at Chess; but it seems to perplex him considerably"

Monday 19th December 1864; "The 2 Miss Barrows spent afternoon & evening here. I went to Aunt Jane’s & spent the evening playing cards"

Friday 30th December 1864; "Maria & Kate Ashmole & Miss Mackey…came here to tea & spend the evening. H.W.A. came in the evening & recited a splendid piece from the ‘Lord of the Isles’. We played whist & Loo…I never enjoyed  a game of whist more, I played with H.W.A. against Mr. Gattey & Father, but we lost the rub"

Friday 18th November 1864; "…we played at Loo"

Christmas & New Year

Friday 23rd December 1864; "…had a nice cosy evening at home, look over Christmas papers &c. H.W.A. spent evening here"

Sunday 25th December 1864; " Xmas Day here. Spent a quiet day at home went to Church in the morning & Chapel in the evening. H.W.A & Bessy Bartlett had dinner & spent the day here.  Father & Bessy went to Barking Church in the evening. The Church & Chapel are both very nicely decorated"

Monday 26th December 1864; "We kept Christmas Day… had dinner about 2PM Harry dined here. Aunt Mary, Uncle Woolmer, Aunt Janes & Bessy &c & the girls came after dinner & spent  the evening. H.W.A. gave us some capital recitations. Frank sang &c Mr. O’Kelly came in the evening but was called away. A fine day"

Saturday 31st December 1864; "Went to the Angel in the evening, played Pool & lost ‘a little’; stayed supper there, saw the old year out & the new one in at home"

Sunday 1st January 1865; "H.W.A & Jenny came here to dinner & spent the day. Mr. Hogarth came to No. 4 to spend the day"

Remarks for 1865 – No remarks to make HA

Friday 8th April 1864; "Went to a capital Concert at the Reading Rooms. The Misses Oldaker’s,  Dr. Ingleby, the Misses Graves, Mr. Law, C.T. Holcombe Esq & 3 other  gentleman from Leslie’s Choir; altogether it passed off excellently  & was a decided success. The room was crowded"

Thursday 21st April 1864; "N****r Entertainment at Reading Room. Father, Mother, Jenny & I went together"

Wednesday 13th July 1864; "Nothing particular going forward, went to have a game at Cricket in the evening"

Tuesday 19th July 1864; "…played Cricket with Willie &c in Uncle Henry’s field…Mr. Hardell sent for 16 planks & boards &c: & own tressels & table & for me &c  for tomorrow’s fete"

Saturday 23rd July 1864; "…nothing particular going on. I took a walk to the Cricket Ground & back; played Harry 1 Game of Billiards; he thrashed me"

Wednesday 3rd August 1864; "Mr. & Mrs., Mary, Jane, Ellen, John & Arthur & the baby Wood all came to dinner  as arranged, they drove down from Baker Street:we had an early tea all  went to the Uphall field to play Cricket, ride the pony &c: came home to supper & they returned from here a little before 9"

Wednesday 10th August 1864; "Went to play Cricket in the evening & had a very good game; supped at home"

Wednesday 31st August 1864; "J. Brown & I went to play Cricket in the park after tea"

Monday 5th September 1864; "Cricket match between Ilford & Grays at Cranbrooke, Ilford were victors"

Croquet & Quoits
Friday 15th April 1864; "Jenny, Maria, Kate, Emily (E Hawes unexpectedly) all took tea here. Harry & Frank came in the evening. Frank & I had 3 games of quoits being the  first this season"

Friday 13th May 1864; "Harry came & played ‘Quoits’ in the Evening"

Tuesday 24th May 1864; "I went with mother to spend the evening at Mrs. Willett’s, Brandon Villa; Mr. & Mrs. W had a party because Emma came of Age this day; there were 18  of us sat down to Supper; we played Croquet & Archery during the Evening & did not get home till ¼ to 1 in the morning"

Thursday 9th June 1864; "Went to play Croquet at Mr. Willett’s in the evening"

Thursday 30th June 1864; "…played Croquet at Mr. Willett’s"

Thursday 7th July 1864; "…played croquet at Willett’s in the evening"

Monday 11th July 1864; …played Croquet at Willett’s in the Evening"

Friday 15th July 1864; "Went to play Croquet at Mr. Willett’s in the evening & spent Evening there"

Monday 1st August 1864; "Henry, William & I went to Brandon Villa, found no one at home & had six games at Croquet; I supped at the Angel"

Friday 12th August 1864; "Harry, Bessie & I went to play Croquet at Mr. Willett’s "

Friday 15th January 1864; "Went to a dance at the Manor at Little Ilford. H.W.Ashmole, Maria, Kate, Jenny, Bessy & myself all went, had a first rate night of it"

Thursday 1st September 1864; "…to a dance at Mr. Willett’s at Barking in the evening; we all walked home & arrived here at about ½ past 2AM & I went at once for Dr.  Sullivan to come & see Aunt Bessy who was suffering considerably from violent pains in her inside: she had no sleep all night. The poor partridges have been slaughtered to-day"

Wednesday 7th September 1864; "We arranged about having a Dance once a month in the Bench Room at the Angel… Arrangements for dance at the Angel once a month. Mr. Willett is  Treasurer to this monthly Ball Affair. Mr. J. Willett is MC; Harry & I are Stewards"

Thursday 8th September 1864; "Mr. R.B. Willett’s birthday born 1812"

Sunday 18th September 1864; " Robert Mullett came to bring his subscription to our monthly ball"

Tuesday 20th September 1864; "Miss Anabell joined our monthly dance"

Wednesday 21st September 1864; "Father went to the Crystal Palace…we picked our apples in the afternoon we got a clothes basket full…Miss Perry is to join our monthly  dance. Miss Philpott came with her friend & she is not going to join us because of the ‘boys’. Father went on the Pneumatic Railway at the Crystal Palace"

Saturday 8th October 1864; "Went to Aunt James’ in the evening, but it was rather slow work, we danced a little & ate walnuts &c."

Thursday 27th October 1864; "…our first ‘merry meeting’ at the Angel in the evening. We had a first rate turn out I should think there were more than 40 there. Quite a case with JB & GJG danced 5 times together"

Thursday 24th November 1864; "The Day of our next Merry Meeting. Miss Burmester, Miss Read, Dick Gadden & Ted Gattey were absent; Maria Ashmole so queer obliged to go to bed. Alfred  Low, Lewis Soper & Uncle Woolmer (not Aunt Mary) came down to the Dance in the Evening…We had a very jolly 4 hours dance. BB danced 4 times consecutively with Mr. O’Kelly. J.B. not quite so strong with G.J.G. as at the last dance. I danced  4 times with Miss M (but not consecutively). A Low admired Miss Perry a good deal. (a first rate success, all enjoyed themselves amazingly)"

Tuesday 27th December 1864;" Rose at 9 AM went to decorate room at the Angel for our dance on Thursday. Wrote to L. West, Mr & Mrs Willett's, Emma & Anne & Uncle Henry & Mr. Hogarth  all came here to tea & spend the evening. Mr. H. stopped all night. We played cards & sang &c. J.H.B & Mr. H. got quite excited through the girls being here"

Wednesday 28th December 1864; "Mr. Hogarth returned by the 9.30 train AM. Finished decorating the room. Mother, Willie, A, Maria, Aunt Jane & Bessie all went to the Manor & H.W.A.  & I went in the evening; we had a nice little dance, but we came away at about 11 & Aunt James didn’t like it at all"

Thursday 29th December 1864; "The day of our ‘Next Merry Meeting’. ..Father & Willie went to the Lyceum Theatre…We had a first rate evening, rather short of gentlemen,  but about 14 or 15 extra came to it. Broke up at usual time"

Wednesday 2nd March 1864; "Debate at the Infant Schools; about Ottoman Empire: lost by 1 vote"

Wednesday 27th April 1864; "Debate at Infant Schools. Mr. Tuck’s proposition that the opening of Museums on Sunday was prejudicial to the lower classes, the opposition was  carried by a majority of 1. It was not so good a debate as we have had"

Wednesday 15th June 1864; " …& to the Infants Schools to a Debate in the evening concerning ‘purchase in the army being disadvantageous’ Moved by W. Blewitt unanimously  carried"

Saturday 13th August 1864; "A party expected this evening…after tea, we had a little dancing & spent a very jolly evening"

Tuesday 29th November 1864; "Mrs. Smith & Mr. Hogarth came in the afternoon spent the remainder of day here & returned home in the evening. Aunt Bessy & Jane; J.H.B. & B.B had supper  here. I went to the meeting of the  L & Debating Society, subject ‘Franchise’ I spouted for the first time. I opposed it. H.W.A. did not speak. The band of the  2nd  Essex is a great nuisance during the Debate"

Tuesday 20th December 1864; "I went to the debate in the evening brought forward by J. Hedger viz:- ‘that capital punishment is not justifiable’ on  majority against  the motion 4. Stayed supper at the Angel"

Friday 30th September 1864; "Mother & Willie went to the Manor Little Ilford to Dinner & Father went to tea & returned in the Evening. I spent the Evening at the Angel’ "

Wednesday 16th November 1864; "H.W.A. went to his Company’s Dinner. I took a stroll up town in the evening & back again to Supper. A most singular occurrence took place & that  was G.J.G (accidently of course) called in here to see Father (that means Jenny) a very good blind. He had his carbuncle taken out this day (G.J.G I mean), he returned by last train"

Thursday 17th November 1864; "The dinner that H.W.A. went to yesterday was the Cutlers’ Compant dinner. The 1st  time that he has been to one. His uncle, Mr. W. Oldaker & Mr. J. Willett from Barking both went as they belong to the same company.

Wednesday 10th February 1864; "Ash Wednesday or 1st day of Lent"

Saturday 16th April 1864; "Nothing particular going forward"

Monday 28th March 1864 Easter; "Grand doings by the Riflemen, started from Ilford at 6 of ½ past 6 o’clock AM"

Friday 1st July 1864; "Fairlop Fair Friday"

Thursday 2nd June 1864; Mother & I went to Miss E. Palmerston’s Entertainment at R. Room. I was much disappointed because Miss. M was not present"

Wednesday 20th July 1864; "An Invitation to Mr. Hardell’s…had a splendid turn out at Mr. Hardell’s in the evening; above 100 there; at home about ½ past 12. The persons who composed our party were:- Mother, Willie, Maria, Emma & Annie Willett & self"

Friday 6th August 1864; "Frank Ashmole & I went after [tea] to Mr. Fardell’s at Castle Rising Farm. We had a very jolly evening, they are such jolly people, & we all enjoyed  ourselves amazingly, we danced, sang, smoked &c &c: got home by midnight"

Tuesday 11th October 1864; "J. Oldaker as ‘drunk’ as possible, kicked up an awful row at the Angel the nasty disgusting individual"

Thursday 13th October 1864; "Mr. Evanion’s Entertainment at Reading Rooms …in the evening & were very well amused although there was a poor attendance"

Friday 4th November 1864; " Mary Low came to stay a day or two in consequence of them all being turned out  at home"

Wednesday 9th November 1864; "Lord Mayor’s Day. Prince of Wales’s birthday…in the evening went & played Billiards & spent the Evening at the Angel. B. Bartlett  went to London to see the Lord Mayor’s show. Mr. Hatton died"

Tuesday 15th November 1864; "Mary & Kate Low, Jenny & Bessy Bartlett, Lotty, H.W.A. & Frank Ashmole all spent the evening here & had Supper here"

Wednesday 23rd November 1864; "Went to Mr. Willett’s in the evening for my tobacco"

Wednesday 30 h November 1864; "Went to London business, had my likeness taken again; spent the afternoon at 22 Rathbone Place; sent the ‘Guard’s Walk’ anonymously  …to Miss Mackey…."

Monday 5th December 1864; "Mother went to London this morning also Aunt Jane & Jenny. Mother returned (bringing Lotty with her) by the 10 train. I spent the evening & had supper at  the Angel in company with J.H.B."

Thursday 20 th October 1864; "Went to Abridge to Funeral of Miss C.M. Barrow passed off very well. Had dinner at Abridge & another at Ilford. Father went with Uncle Woolmer  to the Agricultural Hall to see the Collection of interesting subjects made by working men in their own time &c &c. I spent the evening at the Angel. Aunt Jane & Bessy Bartlett spent afternoon here. John returned from London with an attack of sickness,  no doubt caused by the amount of trash that he ate yesterday at the office during the sale. I beat Harry 2 games at Billiards out of 3"

Tuesday 6th December 1864; "Father went to New Adelphi Theatre & I met H.B. in London & all went to the Cattle Show at the Agricultural Hall, Islington we were very well pleased,  & all returned by 10 o’clock Train; lots of people there"

Wednesday 7th December 1864; "Uncle Ben left here he went to the Cattle Show & home in the evening; Began job at Red Lion. Aunt Mary came here to Dinner. Uncle Woolmer came in the  afternoon with Mr. Wood (Mrs. Wood was not well enough to come) & Mr W was queer with Diarrhoea they spent the evening here. Aunt Maria from the Angel joined us & we played ‘Loo’ Vingt un &c they went home by the last train. Silcock died  at ½ past 2 this morning he will be a great loss to his family"

Thursday 14th July 1864; "Mr. & Mrs. Willet & family, Father, Mother & Willie, HWA & young Aldham went for an excursion to  Southend & Sheerness … Had pipe made  me a present from Southend"

Thursday 21st July 1864; "Father, Mother & Willie went to Brighton to take Jenny’s place as housekeeper for Mrs. Walker in her absence…Mr. Hardell returned all the planks  & tressels &c; that he did not want"

Tuesday 26th July 1864; "Mother & Willie returned from Brighton where they enjoyed themselves immensely"

Saturday 9th July 1864; "Father, Harry, Mr. Willett & Hedger went for a days fishing to Wanstead & had middling sport"

Saturday 30th July 1864; "Father, HW, J. Hedger & a little Boy, Maria & Annie & Mr. Willett all went fishing to Wanstead & between the lot of them didn’t catch more than 10  or 11 little sprats. Jenny & Bessy returned from Brighton where they enjoyed themselves amazingly; I walked home with E. Willett in the evening & spent about ½ hour or more there & smoked a cigar"

Friday 9th September 1864; "Aunt Emma brought word that sometimes 2 & sometimes 3 guns had slaughtered 72 brace of partridges & 19 hares the five shooting days this month at Cambridge  & Sawston"

Holiday in Tunbridge
Friday 19th August 1864; "Started early for Tunbridge; met Aunt Maria at London Bridge & had a very nice journey down; played at Ladies Cricket in the afternoon; had a  Dance at Puttenden Manor in the evening. John met us with the waggonette in the afternoon"

Saturday 20th August 1864; "Played in a Cricket match between Hampton & Basted Mills, Hampton were victors by 7 runs only; played in Dallison’s Park; we came home to tea &  played ‘Grab’ in the evening; had a very jolly day"

Monday 22nd August 1864; "We saw a Cricket match played … between Tunbridge Wells & Hadlow…but they were interrupted by a large fire that broke out at the Wells; resulting  in a considerable loss of property & This being my first visit to this place I shall well remember it"

Tuesday 23rd August 1864; "We played Croquet after it ceased raining…Mr. Brown went out with the intention, if possible,  of shooting some rabbits but was not successful"

Wednesday 24 th August 1864; "We went to a Cricket match at Ightham; I got a nasty Crack with the ball. …We spent the evening at Mr. Loves afterwards; went round his garden,  & played Croquet on his magnificent lawn. (N.B. This is the best croquet lawn I have ever seen) Had tea out of doors. I got home about ½ past 11 thoroughly tired & ready to go to bed"

Thursday 25th August 1864; "We were all going to see the Great Eastern now lying at Sheerness being loaded with the Atlantic Cable; but we could not see our way clearly so did not  go; instead of which we had a picnic at Rowhay[?], & a dance at the Manor afterwards; which was a jolly …improvement according to my fancy on the G.E"

Friday 26th August 1864; "Played Croquet …pumped the engine to water flowers etc and went for a dance to Fry’s in the evening we went in the …wagon & were remarkably  comfortable, but had to get out several times to walk up & down hills ‘Sheet Hill &c’ which were very steep"

Saturday 27th August 1864; Returned from Tunbridge after a splendid week’s holiday…had 1 game at Billiards & 1 or two at ‘Pool’ in the evening at the Angel.  I beat the Puttenden squire 1 game at Croquet"

Horse Racing
Wednesday 14th April 1864; Steeple Chases at Brentwood, a splendid day for do, although there was plenty of dust. Spent the evening at home: Harry went to the Dramatic  Entertainment at Romford. Father went to London"

Wednesday 25th May 1864; "Derby Day; Blair Athol won the race: he belonged to Mr. J. Anson’ was ridden by Snowden: Morther was Blink Bonny; Father was Stockwell"

Friday 27th May 1864; "Fille l’air won the Oaks. Played Billiards"

Penny Readings
Thursday 11th February 1864; "Ilford Penny Readings; the 3 rd of a series, Dr. Sullivan & the Reverend  Beynon read"

Thursday 25th February 1864; "Penny reading at Ilford Reading Room per Messrs Staines & Tuck…Walked down to Reading Room, & accompanied Miss Mackey home"

Thursday 10th March 1864; "Went to an excellent Penny Reading at the Rooms. Mr Holloway & J. Graves read &c. Mr. Plater a friend of the Haslehurst’s sung some excellent songs"

Friday 1st April 1864; "Went to the Penny Readings at Reading Rooms. E. Griffin Senior, E. Tozer & Reverend Benyon read the 6 th  & last reading for the present season. Bricks rose in Hill’s field to 38/-

Thursday 10th November 1864; "Penny Reading at the Reading Room. Six of us viz. – Mary & Kate Low, Jenny, H.W.A, J.H.B. & self all went to the ‘Penny Readings'. Messrs. Griffin junr & Clutterbuck read, Mr. Law performed on the Piano; & a Mr. Sharp sang. Reverend Benyon did nothing, but just opened & closed the Entertainment by a brief speech; all passed off very well. Lotty returned from Russia after an absence  of 15 months; I don’t see much alteration in her"

Thursday 1st December 1864; "Went to Penny Readings in the evening: Miss M was not there. Young Graves & Mr. Staines read; the former was a failure, the latter read very well. A Mr.  Lowndes sang (very well as he thought) but the judges in the audience did not think much of it"

Thursday 15th December 1864; "A lot of us went to hear Mr. Reeve at the Penny Read; he read a ‘Cozy Couple’ & ‘Boots at the Swan’ it passed off excellently. Maria & Frank Ashmole & a lot more went to Barber’s at Seven Kings to a dance & had a very fair turn out"

Friday 2nd September 1864; "Had a famous picnic on the Flats at Wanstead; but unfortunately it turned out a showery day; and consequently put a damper on the afternoon's enjoyments; but we made the best of it, also made up for it by dancing it out at the Angel in the evening. We went & returned in Uncle Henry’s van & the cart went with the grub, musicians, & servants &c: I was almost knocked up with 2 nights  of this species of frolicking fun. Aunt Bessy still very queer"

Sunday 31st July 1864; " Went to Ilford Church in the morning; spent the whole day at the Angel & Maria, Kate, Harry, Miss Mackey, Jenny, Bessy, Father & Aunt Bessy &  self all took Barking Church by storm; I have no doubt quite frightened poor old Mr. Moore. Self, Maria, Miss M. & Kate stayed to the singing after the service & had a very nice walk home"

Monday 8th August  1864; "Mrs & Miss Fardell came to tea & Mr. & Tom Fardell came after  to spend the evening, we had singing &c. a very pleasant evening. Tom had to walk home for  the 4 wheeler as they all forgot to order it"

Monday 7th November 1864; " Mrs. Fardell & Annie came to tea & Mr. Tom came afterwards  & spent the Evening. We amused ourselves by singing, playing etc. Father went to the   ?Provident Club"

Friday 25th November 1864; "Bessy spent the day here, Jenny came directly after tea & H.W.A., J.H.B & Mr. O’Kelly came in the evening we had a little singing; talking etc..  Lost our new puppy ‘Watch’ but found him again on Saturday morning. Barnes brought him back"

Saturday 27th February 1864; "Had a game of Billiards & Pool at the Angel & had Supper there"

Saturday 12th March 1864; "Had a game of Pool with H.W & Mr. Read"

Tuesday 15th March 1864; "Mr. B. Brown surprised us by coming in, in the evening quite unexpectedly, we went & had a game of Pool"

Saturday 30th April 1864; "Played 2 or 3 games of pool in the evening"

Saturday 7th May 1864; "Played Pool in the Evening"

Wednesday 18th May 1864; "Played 2 games of Billiards with Father & lost both. Ilford Amateurs got beaten at Bow"

Friday 3rd June 1864; "Beat Harry 3 games of Billiards"

Saturday 4th June 1864; "Beat Father 2 games"  [Entry added as an afterthought]

Saturday 11th June 1864; "Played Father 3 games at Billiards & beat him all 3"

Saturday 18th June 1864; Father & I had 5 games of Billiards. I beat him 3 – … HWA, Mr. Willett & H. Hedger went fishing & had nought at all"

Tuesday 5th July 1864; "…had tea at the Angel; played Billiards in the evening"

Tuesday 12th July 1864; "…played Billiards in the evening with Father & lost 2 games"

Saturday 16th July 1864; "Played Billiards in the Evening & had supper at Angel"

Friday 29th July 1864; "Played Billiards & spent the evening at the Angel"

Thursday 11th August 1864; "Mr. Chambers came for an order & payments of account, after which we went & had 4 games of Billiards & then he drove off to South Ockendon"

aturday 10th September 1864; "Went to Mr. Grave’s in the evening; beat H.W. one game at Billiards. Mr. Graves played one & beat me 2 games at Chess"

Thursday 22nd September 1864; "I played Billiards in the evening & was thrashed 2 games out of 3, Had supper at the Angel afterwards. HA"

Saturday 24th September 1864; "Alfred Low came down; we played Billiards & Pool. I beat him 2 at Billiards & 1 I halved at Pool. We came home about 9 o’clock & had supper &  played Loo afterwards. I was lucky at that. Alfred Low joined our Monthly Dance. We did not get to bed till 12 o’clock"

Saturday 1st October 1864; "Harry went fishing & got home too late to go with me to Bedford Square. Alfred & I went & played Billiards in the evening he beat me 3 games out of 4"

Wednesday 12th October 1864; "Beat Harry 2 games out of three at Billiards in the evening, & spent the evening & had Supper at the Angel"

Saturday 15th October 1864; "Played Pool & Billiards at the Angel beat Harry a game of Billiards"

Monday 17th October 1864; "I went to Mr. Barrow’s in the evening; & played Harry a game at Billiards & gave him a ‘regular thrashing’ …supper at the Angel"

Saturday 22nd October 1864; "…played Billiards & pool in the Evening"

Wednesday 26th October 1864; "Went to 22 Rathbone Place found Uncle Woolmer with his leg on a chair a swinge of ‘Gout’ perhaps…spent the evening at the Angel  & played Billiards"

Saturday 29th October 1864; "…played Billiards & Pool in the evening

Saturday 12th November 1864; "G.J.G. did not come as he had a nasty boil on shoulder & wrote me in consequence I went & played Harry at Billiards, but he thrashed me awfully"

Saturday 19th November 1864; "I played Billiards with G.J.G. beat him 3 games out of 4 played for a bottle of wine"

Monday 21st November 1864; " I played H.W.A. 1 game at Billiards, beat him at 24 & spent the remainder of the evening at home. J.H.B. brought a pheasant from London, got it for father"

Saturday 26th November 1864; "I played G.J.G. 3 games at Billiards; he won best two, we played for a bottle of wine in the evening. I spent the evening at the Angel. M.A. is a little  better"

Saturday 3rd December 1864; "Played GJ.G in the evening at Billiards, beat him 2 out of 3 for a bottle but they were all extremely ‘tight’ games; got home rather late.  Margaret Haws dies early this morning, she broke a blood vessel on the lungs a little time ago & never rallied since"

Monday 12th December 1864; "Played Billiards in the evening & H.W.A thrashed me 2 games (100 up) most unmercifully. I said I wouldn’t play with him again for some time to come.  Had supper at the Angel & J.H.B also"

Saturday 17th December 1864; "Played Billiards & Pool in the evening. Jenny was sounded by Dr. Sullivan"

Thursday 22nd December 1864; " Played Father 5 Games at Billiards in the evening. I beat him 2 out of the 5… H.W.A. & Frank both went to a Grand Concert at Barking. Aunt Jane  took tea & spent evening here"

Saturday 24th December 1864; "Played Billiards in the evening & got beaten"

Tea Time
Thursday 6th October 1864; "Mr. & Mrs. Willett, Jenny & Miss Barrow took tea here and spent the evening"

Monday 31st October 1864; "Jenny came here to dinner & Emma Willett came to tea"

Tuesday 22nd November 1864; "H.W.A. & J.H.B. came here in the evening. The two Miss Barrows took tea here"

Sunday 18th December 1864; "…walked to Aunt Jane’s & had tea there"

Wednesday 21st December 1864; "Maria & Kate Ashmole came to tea & spent evening; & Mr O’Kelly; Frank Ashmole & Bessy came after tea to spend evening"

Friday 2nd December 1864; "…had tea at No. 4 Adelaide Terrace & spent the evening there. Mr. Hogarth came down to bring Father’s hat that he had taken away by mistake  on Tuesday last. Mr. Wright wrote Aunt Jane about a damned bitch ‘stealing his watch & Chain’ & wanting to know if she could lend him £20 to buy another; he said he would not have lost them for £40; all I have to say is that it serves  him right for having got into bad Company HA"

Friday 1st January 1864; " Had an ‘Amateur Theatrical Entertainment at the Angel, we played a Charade called ‘United’ & a Farce entitled ‘Ici on Parle Francais’. The characters were sustained by Emma Willett, Jenny & Bessy Bartlett & Maria Ashmole; Henry W. & Frank & Henry & Willie Ashmole. Mr.Wood was extremely kind on the occasion; he was prompter, painted us up & lent us lots of things:  we got our wigs &c from ‘Clarkson’s Wellington Street, Strand; altogether it was a ‘decided success’. We performed before about 80 or 90 altogether"

Monday 4th January 1864; "The bandsmen of the 2nd Essex Rifle Volunteers had an amateur theatrical Entertainment  at the Reading Room, Ilford, they performed the ‘Man with the Carpet Bag’ & ‘Doing the Hansom’. They made a very bungling mess of it, in fact it was a complete failure, but considering the ‘Education’ & abilities  of the parties concerned in it, it was passable …the room was crowded"

Tuesday 26th January 1864; "…took the remaining vestiges of our play out of the Bench room at the ‘Angel’ & put them in the shed under the shop down here"

Thursday 28th January 1864; "Harry went to the Romford Ball, an annual affair in honour of the Prince of Wales’s marriage (a very good one). I went in the evening to hear the  singing &c: after the Club dinner at the Angel Inn. The band of the 2nd Essex performed their theatricals in the National School Rooms at Barking for the benefit of the Widows & Orphans  whose husbands & fathers perished in the late frightful gales"

Thursday 17th March 1864; “…all went to see the Opera …at… Covent Garden Theatre”

Saturday 2nd April 1864; "Mother, H.W., Mr. Willett & I all went to see ‘Leah’ at the Adelphi Theatre; Miss Bateman is a first rate actress & Mr Sterling & do Jew. We all enjoyed it immensely"

Saturday 9th April 1864; "Frank, Maria & Bessie all went with Mr Dawson to see Henry IV at Drury Lane Theatre. I played 4 games of Billiards in the evening; 2 with Father & 2 with  W. Mead & I won all of them. They all enjoyed themselves very much at the theatre; Frank fainted away in the battle scene but was soon brought to"

Saturday 23rd April 1864; "The Tercentenary Festival took place at Stratford-on-Avon, & no doubt throughout England they did honour to the ‘immortal bard’ Shakspeare"

Tuesday 3rd May 1864; "…Father had gone to town; I believe to see Henry IV at Drury Lane"

Monday 23rd May 1864; "in the evening 4 of us went to the Theatrical Performance at Romford: it passed off exceedingly well, I was much surprised we did not get home till one o  ?clock is past"

Friday 22nd July 1864; "Read Shakespeare with Harry in the Evening to choose a piece suitable for our Xmas Entertainment; we did not decide upon one HA"

Monday 25th July 1864; "…went up to the Angel to read plays over with Harry"

Wednesday 2nd November  1864; "Spent the evening at ‘Angel’  and partly arranged to have Theatrical Entertainment this year , but nothing yet decided"

Thursday 8th December 1864; "An Amateur Theatrical Entertainment at Reading Room. Went to the Entertainment in the evening, it past off far better than the last one that took place  on Monday 4 th January last, in fact I may say, it was a ‘decided success’ . The room was very much crowded; a gentleman (from London) showed us the ‘rope trick' as performed by the Davenport brothers, it was very good, another London gentleman recited a piece very well. Several songs were sung by a Mr. Rowe who well merited the applause of the audience. The pieces that they performed were  "Taming a Tiger", & "No. 1 Round the Corner". I saw Miss Mackey home"

Tuesday 13th December 1864; "Jenny is very queer she came to spend the day here. ..I read Macbeth & Othello, spent the evening at home, played Jenny a game of  Chess"

Wednesday 14th December 1864; "…in the afternoon viz 4PM I went to Angel had tea & then Aunt & young Maria H.W.A & I all rode up to see Shakespeare’s play of Macbeth  at Drury Lane; the last week of it. Mr. Dawson Organist at Barking gave Aunt M 4 tickets for the Dress Circle; we got home at one o’clock in the morning"

Sunday 12th June 1864; "… & Chapel in the Evening & went for a walk on to the Mound at Uphall after evening service"

Sunday 20th November 1864; "I went for a walk in afternoon through Uphall"

Sunday 27th November 1864; "Went to Ilford Church in the morning; & spent remainder of the day at the Angel, went for a stroll in the afternoon"

Sunday 4th December 1864; "Mr. Hogarth came to dine & spend the day at No. 4. H.W.A dined here & we went for a short walk afterwards"

Wax Works
Tuesday 9th August 1864; "Harry & Jas Brown went home with their Father, Mother took them to see the Wax Works which they enjoyed immensely, spent the evening at 22 Rathbone  Place & came home by the mail train…had supper in the Angel"

Worn Out!
Thursday 14th January 1864; "Went to bed early"

Saturday 16th January 1864; "An off day"

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