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Nepton Distribution

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Nepton Distribution
Annual payments to the poor of Barking were as follows:

1771-1774      £20
1779-1788     £20
1795-1797     £15
1801               £34
1802-1804     £28
1805               £20
1806-1814     £25
1822-1823     £50
1836               £30

The annual distribution to 160 people, 80 in Ilford and 80 in Barking, continues, but, the sum paid to each needy person has been topped up from the Poulters’ Company general charitable fund.

In 1874 the Poulters’ Company ordered that the Master and Clerk should wear their gowns at the distribution and that the Clerk should announce "A Committee representing the Court of the Worshipful Company of Poulters London appears here for the   purpose of paying to the Poor of this Parish the sum of £40 under the will of Ann Nepton". When Ilford separated from Barking parish in 1890 it was decided that the Committee should visit both Ilford and Barking and distribute £20 in each.

After the distribution representatives of the parishes are invited to the entertainment provided by Ann Nepton’s will.  

The Mayor of Barking and Dagenham, Rector of Barking and Members of the Poulters' Company viewing
the benefactors' board in the St. Margaret's Church refectory

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