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Henry Ashmole Diary Notes

Dress & Appearance
Thursday 11th February 1864; "Took 2 prs of boots to Spall’s to be soled, heeled & rep’d"

Tuesday 5th July 1864; "gave Maria one of my photographs"

Wednesday 14th September 1864; "Measured for a new pair of boots at Spall’s & sent 2 pairs to be soled & heeled"

Thursday 15th September 1864; "Had my hair cut"

Thursday 29th September 1864; "Went to London for sundry things. Called on Lewis, Soper & J.Brown. Had my likeness taken. Bought a meerschaum pipe"

Thursday 6th October 1864; "Wrote to London Photographic School to say that my likeness did not give satisfaction & would go up & have a fresh sitting in about a week or a fortnight's time"

Tuesday 11th October 1864; "Go to have my likeness taken afresh"

Wednesday 19th October 1864; "I was walking about London all the morning went to have my likeness taken again but it was too late in the day to succeed with it"

Wednesday 26th October 1864; "Go to London about Likeness … & could not have my likeness taken because of the dullness of the Day, returned by 5 train"

Wednesday 30th November 1864; "Went to London on business, had my likeness taken again"

Friday 9th December 1864; "My likenesses came from Pantheon for approval, we like them very well"

Health &c
Thursday 14th January 1864; "Went to bed early"

Saturday 16th January 1864; "An off day"

Monday 11th April 1864; "I received a birthday letter from Lotty; it went to the Angel by mistake"

Wednesday 25th May 1864; " I had one of my double teeth out, very much decayed, drawn by Mr. O’Kelly Dr. Sullivan’s Assistant"

Friday 10th June 1864; "My eyes were very queer"

Wednesday 15th June 1864; "I staid at home all morning eyes weak"

Thursday 16th June 1864; "I spent the evening at home eyes rather queer"

Tuesday 21st June 1864; "Eyes bad"

Sunday 26th June 1864; "Went to Church in the morning & nowhere in the evening as my eyes were bad"

Friday 1st July 1864; "My right eye was bad in the evening"

Wednesday 6th July 1864; "eyes bad in the afternoon"

Saturday 3rd September 1864: "I have got a jolly cold & it affects my throat considerably & I am as hoarse as a ‘raven’

Thursday 13th October 1864; "Maria Ashmole came to dinner & keep house for me in my solitude"

Tuesday 15th November 1864; "I was precious sick in the Garden, just after Supper, but from what cause I know not"

Friday 17th November 1864; "I have caught a very disagreeable cold somewhere"

Thursday 1st December 1864; "Took medicine last night & consequently stayed at home all the forenoon… The Black draught & pill purged me ‘with a vengeance’ went no less than 4 times. Went to the Penny Readings in the evening; Miss  M. was not there"

Thursday 25th February 1864; "Walked down to Reading Room, & accompanied Miss Mackey home"

Sunday 10th April 1864; "Miss M—very pretty"

Wednesday 1st June 1864; "Nothing particular going on during the day. Met Miss Mackey & Miss Wray at the Angel. The 1st  time that I have had the pleasure of meeting Miss M. – in a private room, I like her much; quite an unexpected treat; I walked to the Cemetery in the afternoon; & escorted Misses M & W to Parsonage House in the evening"

Thursday 2nd June 1864; "Mother and I went to Miss E. Palmersons entertainment at the Reading Room. I was disappointed because Miss M- was not present"

Saturday 11th June 1864; "Went to Brandon Villa (Mr. Willett’s) & had the extreme felicity of … meeting Miss Mackey, had supper, talked and laughed & came home about  ¼ to 11, rather late for me"

Thursday 16th June 1864; "Miss M. went home for holidays"

Thursday 7th July 1864; "Maria went to spend a week at Miss Mackey’s"

Friday 15th July 1864; "Maria returned from Miss Mackey’s where she enjoyed herself very much" after 5 weeks

Tuesday 19th July 1864; "Miss Mackey returned to resume her studies after 5 Weeks holiday or thereabouts"

Friday 12th August 1864; "Miss Mackey supped at Angel & I had the extreme felicity of walking home with her at 10.o’clock"

Sunday 14th August 1864; "Frank Gattey spent to-day here & went to Church with me in the morning & Chapel in the evening & returned home by the last train. I went to see him off and  had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Miss Mackey off as well"

Saturday 3rd September 1864; "Miss M. went home"

Wednesday 7th September 1864; "Miss Willett sent for me from Aunt Janes to accompany her home, I did so; & when I arrived there, to my surprise, who should be there but Miss Mackey  of course as a matter of politeness I stayed and was requested to Supper & escorted Miss M. home"

Tuesday 20th September 1864; "spent the evening at the Angel where I had the pleasure of meeting Annie Willett & Miss Mackey"

Sunday 25th September 1864; "to Chapel in the evening, the two Miss Willets were there & Miss Mackey whom I had the pleasure of escorting home"

Monday 26th September 1864; "Had a very jolly chat with Miss M."

Thursday 29th September 1864; Had the pleasure (casually of course) of going to London with Miss M – she took a 1st Class ticket but preferring Company; went in the 2nd with me. I put her into an Omnibus … & she went direct home"

Friday 7th October 1864; "Miss Mackey’s day for returning to her vocation. She did come home & went to Brandon Villa in the evening".

Sunday 9th October 1864; "Went to Barking Church in the evening. Miss M. was there. I had the pleasure of walking home with her"

Monday 10th October 1864; "saw Miss Mxxxxy"

Sunday 23rd October 1864; "I went to Chapel in evening & saw Miss B home, had a chat with Miss M"

Thursday 27th October 1864; "our first ‘merry meeting’ at the Angel in the evening…more than 40 there. Miss M went & I saw her & Miss Jenny home"

Sunday 30th October 1864; "I went to Chapel in the evening & for a little walk afterwards with Miss M"

Sunday 6th November 1864; "I went to meet Miss M at the mail train who, of course, was much obliged"

Friday 18th November 1864; "Wrote Miss M about going to Barking Church on Sunday evening"

Sunday 20th November 1864: "…in evening. We all went to Barking Church & I had pleasure of walking home with Miss M – who was also there accidently of course"

Thursday 24th November 1864; "The Day of our next Merry Meeting… We had a very jolly 4 hours dance…I danced 4 times with Miss M (but not consecutively)"

Friday 25th November 1864; "went to see Miss Mackey off by 4 o’clock train & returns tomorrow"

Monday 28th November 1864; "Miss Mackey & Miss Perry came to tea & spend the evening; we played ‘Loo’ &c … in the evening I had a bilious attack come on. Had  a very jolly evening with Miss M – the first time she has been here. I have not heard how Father & Mother like her, but I feel confident they do so"

Wednesday 30th November 1864; "Went to London on business…sent the ‘Guard’s Walk’ anonymously with L.2’s kind regards to Miss Mackey…I think  my ‘carte’ may perhaps be a success this time…Lotty is the only one that knows anything about me sending the ‘Guard’s Walk’ to Miss M"

Sunday 4th December 1864; "Miss M went home yesterday & returned per Mail train this evening & I met her. I told Miss M that I sent her the ‘Guard’s Walk"

Thursday 8th December 1864; "I saw Miss Mackey home"

Saturday 10th December 1864; "Miss Mackey & Miss Perry came to tea… Jenny also (who has a bad hoarseness) also came to tea. We played ‘Loo’ & Vingt et un in the  evening & had a little music & singing &c Miss M plays well. A . Low came down by 8 train of course we saw them safely home"

Wednesday 14th December 1864; "I heard that Miss Mackey was going to leave Miss Burmester’s for good this day or tomorrow"

Thursday 15th December 1864; "Miss Mackey came to say ‘good bye’ with Miss Perry in the afternoon she staid here a little while & then went down to do at Mr. W.'s Brandon Villa, she went home by the ½ past 5 Train up & I went to see her off. We tried or rather I tried hard to persuade her to stop to hear Mr. C. Reeve read this evening but as she had made promise to go by that train she did so"

Thursday 29th December 1864; "Miss Mackey came to stay at the Angel a day or two"

Sunday 31st December 1864: "I fetched Miss Mackey from the Angel & 8 of us went to Barking Church. Miss M came here to supper & I saw her safely back to the Angel at 10PM"

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