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Some Barking and Dagenham Lives


Some Barking & Dagenham Lives

Bill George

Several biographical works were published in the earlier part of the twentieth century relating to people with Essex connections. These include Essex Whoandwhere 1909; Pike’s Contemporary Biographies 1909 and An Essex Who’s Who 1935. This note details some of those recorded with Barking and Dagenham links. Many are professionals such as medical practitioners and clerics. Others have local government connections serving as Councillors. Service in the Great War of 1914-1918 is often recorded. The entries were probably compiled by the subject themselves and some reveal humour and bitterness. Often interests are given and range from conjuring to skating. Photography and travel are often cited. It is fascinating to discover that many of these short biographies show how far travelled local residents were in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

Ayres, Edward Water. Ayres was born in 1899 at Bow, London. He was the son of William George Ayres and he married Stella Annie Briscoe in 1921. Edward was a veneer cutter and was educated at Old Palace, Bromley-by- Bow. He was co-opted a member of the Dagenham Urban District Council in 1930 and was a member of Barking Council in 1934 for the Cambell Ward. He was Vice-chairman of the Electricity Committee and Chairman of the Town Hall Special Committee in 1934. He gave his recreations as propaganda and political organising. His heiress was Sheila. His address in 1935 was 243 Stamford Road, Lodge Avenue, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 p.10].

Bale, Alfred Ernest. Bale was born in 1895 at Cardiff. He was the son of Alfred Amer Bale and educated at Moorland Road School Cardiff. Alfred was a Justice of the peace for Essex; Member of Dagenham Urban District Council 1928-1932; Chairman of General Purposes, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Committee; Vice-Chairman Finance Committee; Member of Public Health Committee. He organised Dagenham’s First Civic Day and was presented to the King and Queen on their visit to Dagenham on 18 July 1931. He was trustee to several charities and served in R.G.A during the Great War. He was a Civil Servant who enjoyed cycling. His address in 1935 was 4 Turnage Road Dagenham, Essex. [EWW 1935 pages 12-13].

Bewers, William
. He was born on 26 September 1843. For many years he was the manager of G.D. Ridley and Sons, Flour Mills, Barking. For 12 years he was a member of the Barking Local Board, including 4 years as Vice-Chairman. From 1897 he was with the same firm at Chelmsford. [EW 1909 p. 11].

Bloomfield, Daniel Peter. Bloomfield was born in 1878 Barking, the son of Henry Bloomfield and educated at the Wesleyan School Barking. He married Ada in 1898. Daniel was elected to Barking Urban District Council in 1921 and served as Chairman 1924-24. He was a Coal Merchant and served as trustee to several charities. He was a member of the Salvation Army for 43 years and a special constable during the Great War. His heir was Leonard Bloomfield. [EWW 1935 p. 32].

Clack, Robert James Daniel. Clack was born in 1901 at Bromley-by-Bow, the son of Robert Clack. He was educated at Bromley Hall Road London County Council School at Poplar. Robert married Lillian Annie Bruce in 1929. He was a railwayman by profession. Robert was elected to Dagenham Council in 1934. In 1933 he was President of the Dagenham Trades and Labour Council. In 1934 he was chairman of the Dagenham Ward Labour Party and from 1931-1934 he was an officer of Bow No. 1 Branch of the National Union of Railwaymen. His recreations were football and running. In 1935 he was living at 19 Moss Road, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 p. 62].

Dellow, Charles. Dellow was born in 1890 at Mile End, the son of George Dellow. He was educated at St. Paul’s, Bow and married Jessie McQuire in 1917. He was a member of Dagenham Council in 1926 and chairman 1929-1930; a member of Essex County Council 1929 and Justice of the Peace for Essex 1932. Charles, who was a bus driver, was elected a Life Governor of King George Hospital in 1934. Charles was a Corporal in the Royal Army Service Corps and served in France in the Great War. His recreation was gardening and his heir Charles Walter Dellow who was born in 1919. His address in 1935 was 82, Haydon Road, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 p. 84].

Duthie, Charles Kenneth. Duthie was born in 1904 at Huddersfield, the son of a vicar and educated at the City of London School and the Law Society’s School. He married Eileen Beryl Richardson in 1929. Charles was a Solicitor and Commissioner of Oaths. He was a member of the Chadwell Heath Ward of Dagenham Council. Charles was also Chairman of Chadwell Heath Ratepayers’ Association. He competed at Brooklands racing motorcycles and was placed at the opening meeting in 1933. Charles was Secretary to the Speedway Riders’ Association and enjoyed horse riding, swimming and shooting. His address in 1935 was Tenby House, Chadwell Heath. [EWW 1935 p. 90].

Earl, William George. Earl was born in 1862, the son of George Earl. He was educated at Ford’s School. William married Elizabeth Pickett in 1886. He served as a member of Romford Council and as a member of the Public Assistance Committee and was a Justice of the Peace for Essex since 1932. William was a builder and house agent who lived at Atherstone, 62, Church Street, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 p. 91].

Eisdell, Rev. John Warmington. Eisdell was born on 9 December 1860 at Ipswich. He was educated at Ipswich and at Merton College, Oxford, but he left before graduating due to a breakdown in health. Eisdell held clerical positions in New South Wales 1885-1889 and West Ham 1889-1901, before becoming Chaplain to the Bishop of Barking in 1902 and subsequently Vicar of Barking in 1904-1916. He was Rector of Orsett 1916-1928. He married, in 1894, Ruth Mary Stevens, the daughter of Dr. Stevens, Bishop of Barking. Eisdell was Vice-Chairman of Barking Education Committee in 1904. His recreations included travel, photography, bicycling, boating and climbing and he lived in Barking Vicarage. By 1935 he was living at 213 High Street, Hornchurch. [EW 1909 p. 40; Pike 1909 p.237; EWW 1935 p. 93].

Fanshawe, Evelyn John. Fanshawe was born on 22 July 1854. He was educated at Eton and married Emily Moore in 1887. Formerly he was Captain in the 4 Battalion of the Essex Regiment. Their son, Edgar Sydney Waldo Fanshawe was born on 29 April 1891. Evelyn described himself as the “Present representative of Fanshawes of Parsloes Dagenham, which estate has been in the family since 1615”. He was a member of the Carlton Club and lived at Parsloes, Dagenham [EW 1909 p. 42].

Fenton, Charles Francis. No details are listed apart from his address; 70, Park Avenue, Barking. [EW 1909 p. 42].

Fenton, William John. Fenton was born in 1898, the son of Charles Francis Fenton. He was educated at the Mercers School London and married Helen McOwan in 1927. They had a son John Charles Fenton in 1928. Dr. Fenton was a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and a Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians. He was a Divisional Police Surgeon; on the Resident Staff at the London Hospital and a Lieutenant with the Royal Field Artillery of the 66 Division of the British Expeditionary Force in France in 1918. His address in 1935 was The White House, Movers Lane, Barking. [EWW 1935 p. 102].

Finer, Joseph. Finer was born in 1907 at Islington and educated at Slough and Middlesex Hospital. He married Betty Slonims in 1933. Dr. Finer was Medical Practioner and a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and also a Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians. His recreation was motoring. In 1935 his address was 153, Woodward Road, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 pages 104-105].

Glenny, George Wilmot. Glenny was born in 1873 at Barking, the son of W. W. Glenny. He was educated at Hampton Grammar School and King’s College. He married Margaret Haggart in 1921. He was Chairman of Harris Browne Ltd., Hadley Brewery, Barnet Hertfordshire. George was appointed an Essex Justice of the Peace in 1929; a Land Tax Commissioner; Deputy Chairman of King George Hospital and a member of the River Roding Catchment Board in 1931 and an Income Tax Commissioner in1932. His address in 1935 was The Gables, Monkhams Drive, Woodford Green. Thomas Wallis Glenny was his heir [EWW 1935 pages 118-119.

Glenny, Samuel. Samuel Glenny was born on 8 June 1845. He was the son of Edward and Hannah Glenny of Bifrons, Barking. He married Emma Gasling and had three sons and six daughters. He was educated at Gradenburg, Prussia; Fulbeck, Yorkshire and privately. Samuel was an auctioneer and Estate Agent and served as Barking Vestry Clerk. He served in the Volunteers from 1861-1869 and 1881-1894 when he retired with the rank of Major. Samuel Glenny was a member of the School Board 1889-1901; Overseer 1886-1888; Poor Law Guardian 1883-1890; Burial Board 1884-1896; Vestry Clerk 1890-1907 when he resigned due to ill health; Trustee of Charities, 1902-1908; Councillor 1889-1902 and Mayor 1899-1900. Between 1869-1881 he was in Victoria, Australia. In Australia he joined the Artillery until he was invalided out. He was engaged in Australian politics. He bitterly stated in his biographical note “My life has been ruined by overwork for the public, without appreciation, mostly owing to Socialistic slanders”. His sporting interests included cricket, football, bowls and shooting. His address in 1909 was 7, Britannia Road, Westcliff-on-Sea and he was a member of Westcliff Yachting Club, Southend United Football Club and Essex Bowling Club. [EW 1909 p. 49].

Glenny, William Wallis
. Glenny was born on 28 June 1839 and died in 1923. He was the son of Thomas Glenny and Harriet Wallis a shipbuilder’s daughter. William Wallis Glenny married Eliza Jane Blackmore a Navy Captain’s daughter. They had four sons and five daughters. He was a Justice of the Peace, Vice-chairman of Essex County Council 1889; Chairman of Books Committee, Barking Public Library. He was a market gardener and wrote about watercress-its history and cultivation and articles for the Victoria County History of Essex and Essex Review. In addition he was Chairman of the Romford Board of Guardians and Assessment Committee for twenty years. He was at one time Chairman of the Essex Chamber of Agriculture. His address in 1909 was given as Barking. [EW 1909 p. 49; Howson 1990 p. 25; Clifford 1992 p. 10].

Glindoni, Henry Gillard. Glindoni was born in 1852 and died 1913. He lived at The Studio, Whalebone Lane North, Chadwell Heath 1891-1913. Valence House Museum has some examples of his work. [Howson 1990 p. 25; Clifford 1992 p. 15].

Gould, Allan Dalgleish. Gould was born in 1890 at Edinburgh the son of James Gould. He was educated at Edinburgh Royal High School and Edinburgh University. He married Mollie Eileen Coles in 1929 and their son Robert Alan Gould was born in 1933. Allan was a Medical Practitioner and Bachelor of Medicine. His address in 1935 was 147 Hallent Street, Dagenham [EWW 1935 p. 122].

Harrison, Reverend Clement Charles. The only information given is that he was Vicar of Dagenham and a Master of Arts. [EW 1909 p. 57].

Hardwick, Daniel George. Hardwick was born in 1881 at Barking the son of Sidney James Hardwick. He was educated at the Wesleyan and Gascoigne Schools Barking and married Louisa March in 1903. His heir, Clifford William Bramwell Hardwick was born in 1910. Daniel Hardwick was a Coal Worker. He was elected Alderman in 1931; Chairman of the Public Library Committee 1931-1932. Daniel was elected to the Council standing against Sunday Games in the Park in1923. He stood as a Christian candidate supported by the Churches of Barking. For over 40 years he was a Salvationist in Barking and a great Voluntary Worker for Self-Denial Fund. Over 20 years he was the Highest Individual Collector in the East London Division of the Salvation Army. In 1935 he was living at 8, St. Margaret’s Road Barking. [EWW 1935 p. 133].

Henson, Reverend Herbert Hensley
. Henson was born on 8 November 1863 and died in 1947. He was the son of Thomas Henson of Broadstairs, Kent and Isabella Dennistoun. Henson was Vicar of Barking 1888-1895 and acting Chaplain to 4 Battalion of the Essex Regiment D Company (Barking). He was Chaplain of Ilford Hospital Chapel 1895-1900. At his farewell sermon he “painted a portrait of Barking as a corrupt city like Sodom and Gomorrah – prostitutes in the streets, local government corrupt, apostles of hatred propagating hatred, everywhere a reign of suspicion”. He was a Doctor of Divinity, Canon of Westminster and Rector of St. Margaret’s Westminster. Henson was Bishop of Hereford 1918 and Durham 1920-1939. His recreations included cycling and walking. His address in 1909 was 17, Dean’s Yard, Westminster. [EW 1909 p. 59-60; Howson 1990 p. 25; Clifford 1992 p. 4].

Hewett, Robert Muirhead. Hewett was born in 1860 at Roden Lodge, Barking the son of Robert Hewett and died in 1952. He was the son of Robert and Emily Hewett. He married Alice Minna Scott in 1883 and they had three sons and four daughters. He was educated at Charterhouse. Robert gave his occupation as fisherman. Hewett was in charge of the Hewett Company when the 1899 Barking explosion occurred which finally finished off Barking as a fishing port. He was a Justice of the Peace for the County of Essex in 1908 and President of the Barking Liberal Association and also President of Romford Division Liberal Council for many years. Hewett was Chairman of the Becontree magistrates and during the Second World War carried out his duties while living in the reinforced basement of Roden Lodge. Hewett was a Gold Medallist of the National Skating Association for Ice and Roller Skating. His recreations included yachting and skating. Robert’s heir Robert Roy Scott Hewett was born in 1886. His address was Roden Lodge, Barking and he belonged to the Royal Thames Club. [EW 1909 p. 60; EWW 1935 p. 143; Howson 1990 p. 25].

Hewett, Captain Roy Scott. C.B.E. Hewett was born at Barking in 1886 and died in 1967. He made his first trawler trip to Iceland at the age of 11. Roy was a Common Councilman of the Corporation of London in 1934 and Sheriff 1942-1943. He was Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Fletchers; Master Waterman and Lighterman and member of the Court of the Company; and President of the Billingsgate Christian Mission and Dispensary. He was Ice Skating Gold Medalist at age 12; First Class Judge, 1913; Figure Skating Champion of Great Britain in the English style, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1926 and 1927. He was also Amateur Figure Skating Champion 1911, 1912 and 1914. Hewett was a Member of the Royal Thames, Corinthian and Essex Yacht Clubs [Howson 1990 p. 26].

Hope, Colonel William V.C. Hope was born in 1834 and died in 1909. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for action at Sebastapol on 18 June 1855 while Lieutenant in the 7 Regiment (Royal Fusiliers). William leased Parsloes, Dagenham 1867-1878. [Howson 1990 p. 26].

Hubbart, James
. Hubbart was born in 1899 in London, the son of Alderman Peter Hubbart and was educated at Bow. He married Colina Mary Hatwell in 1924. James was a Transport Worker. He was elected a member of Barking Borough Council in 1934 and served as Chairman of the Markets, Wharves and Street Trading Committee in 1934; Chairman of Local Hospital Committee, 1934 and Vice-Chairman, Parks and Public Buildings Committee, 1934. James served as an Able Seaman in the Royal Navy 1916-1919. His recreations included athletics and tennis. James’s heiress was Theresa Mary Hubbart. In 1935 he was living at 299, Sheppey Road, Dagenham, Essex. [EWW 1935 p. 154].

Inskip, Right Reverend James Theodore. Inskip was born in 1868 and died in 1949. He was a Doctor of Divinity and 2 Suffragen Bishop of Barking 1919-1948. [Howson 1990 p. 26].

Jackson, George. Jackson was a Member of the Essex County Council, Barking North Division. His address in 1909 was Ivy Cottage, James Street, Barking. [EW 1909 p. 67].

Kerr, Norman (Captain). Kerr was born in 1899, Manchester, the son of Joseph Kerr. He was educated at the Royal High School, Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh. Norman married Irene Isobel Gillespie in 1926. She was the daughter of Captain J.J. Gillespie of Liverpool. He was in the Royal Army Medical Corps. and the Regular Army Reserve of Officers. His occupation was Physician and Surgeon. He served in Infantry Regiments in France and Belgium in 1918. He was patron of the Barking Section, Old Contemptibles Association. Norman was the author of “Bony Abnormality in Relation to Mental Deficiency”. His recreations included Flying, Motoring and Swimming. Norman’s heir was John Gillespie, who was born in 1933. Captain Kerr’s address in 1935 was Aldersyde, Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex. [EWW 1935 pages 165-166].

Loftus, Ernest Achey (Colonel). Loftus was born in 1884 at Hull, the son of Captain William Loftus and he died in 1987 in Zimbabwe aged 103. He was educated at York and Trinity College, Dublin and married Elsie Cole of West Tilbury in 1916. They had two sons. He was Headmaster of Barking Abbey School from 1922. He served with the Essex Regiment from 1910-1929; in Gallipoli 1915; Egypt 1916 and France 1918. He was Lieutenant Commanding in the 6 Essex Regiment 1925-1928 and Brevet-Colonel 1929. Loftus was the Founder and Honorary Secretary of the Essex Playing Fields Association, 1925-1929. He also found time to write leading articles in the Daily and Weekly Press. He was the author of “Education and the Citizen” and of eight scenes of the Barking Pageant, 1931. He wrote A History of Barking Abbey in 1954. His recreations included Tennis, Walking, Historical and Genealogical Research. Colonel Loftus was awarded an O.B.E.; Territorial Decoration; Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Science degree. He was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. In 1935 he was living at Polwicks, West Tilbury, Essex. His ashes were interred in the grounds of Barking Abbey. [EWW 1935 p. 180 Clifford 1992 p. 17].

McDonald, John. Physician and Surgeon of 9 Linton Road, Barking. [EW 1909 p. 79].

Malone, Wilfred Keith. Malone was born in 1902 at Sheffield, the son of Ralph Keith Malone. He was educated at Sheffield University and married Margaret Hicks in 1930. Wilfred was a Medical Practitioner in Sheffield 1925 and Buxton 1926 before becoming the Medical Officer of the 138 Essex Detachment, British Red Cross in 1932. His recreations included chess and conjuring. His address in 1935 was 10, Bennets Castle Lane, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 p. 185].

Marshall, Herbert Samuel James. Marshall was born in 1899 at Islington, the son of Samuel Henry Marshall. He was educated at King’s College London and the London College of Divinity, Highbury. Herbert married Margaret Cain in 1928. A son, Bryan Henry James Marshall, was born in 1932. He was a Clerk in Holy Orders. He served as Curate in Leyton and Stratford and was in charge of St. Aidans’s in 1928 before becoming Vicar of St. George’s Dagenham from 1929. In 1935 he was living at St. George’s Vicarage, Rogers Road, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 pages 187-188].

Nye, Cyril Walter (Reverend). Nye was born in 1891 at Stoke Newington, the son of Harry Nye. He was educated at Pembroke College, Oxford and Ely Theological College. Cyril was a Clerk in Holy Orders and served as a Curate at St. Margaret’s, Leytonstone 1922-1931. He served with the London Field Ambulance Corps in 1914 and the R.F.A 1916. Cyril’s recreations included Cycling and Photography. In 1935 he was resident at St. Peter’s Vicarage, Warrington Road, Becontree, Essex. [EWW 1935 p. 208].

Parry, Herbert Charles. Parry was born in 1886, Dorset, the son of Herbert Parry and educated at Ilminster Grammar School. He married Mabel Helen Thornton. Herbert gave his career to Municipal Service and was a Member of Dagenham Parish Council 1925; a Member of Dagenham Urban District Council 1926-1932 and Chairman 1931-1932; a Member of Essex County Council 1928-1931. He was Vice-President of the Incorporated Association of Clerks’ and Stewards’ of Mental Hospitals 1935. From 1911-1919 he served with the 4 Battalion of the Essex Regiment territorial Force. His address in 1935 was 43, Tomswood Hill, Ilford. [EWW1935 p. 215].

Reeve, Arthur Edwin
. Reeve was born in 1867, Stepney, the son of Edwin Reeve and educated at Bays Collegiate School, Forest Gate. He married Cecilia Elizabeth Terry in 1906. Arthur was a Member of Dagenham Council 1909; Chairman four times; First Chairman of Dagenham Urban District Council 1926; Secretary and Trustee of the Dagenham Charities from 1909-1927; Chairman, Late Overseers; Member of the Romford Education Committee; Chairman of the Romford Advisory Committee under the Derby Scheme; Member of Recruiting Committee and Recruiting Officer for Dagenham. His recreations were Gardening and Horticulture. His heir was Edwin Seddon Reeve who was born in 1896. In 1935 he was living at Brooklands, Chadwell Heath, Essex. [EWW 1935 p.231].

Reidie, William Brown. He was Vice–Chairman Barking Urban District Council. His address is given as Barking. [EW 1909 p. 105].

Robins, Henry Charles (Canon). Robins was born in 1882 at Beccles, Suffolk the son of Henry Lambley Robins. He was educated at Winchester College and New College, Oxford where he studied Classics and obtained a Master of Arts degree. Henry married Dorothy Lloyd in 1915. He became Vicar of Barking in 1930 and was at one time the Mayor’s Chaplain; District Padre for Toc H and Temporary Chaplain to the Forces. Prior to this he was ordained Deacon in 1907 and Priest in 1908 and served as Curate at Gosport; Chaplain at Khartoum; Vicar of Fleet; Vicar of Romford and Rural Dean of Chafford. His heir was John Henry Robins who was born in 1919. In 1935 Henry was living in Barking Vicarage. [EWW 1935 p. 237].

Seabrook, Arthur Hugh. Seabrook was born on 10 August 1875. He was member of the Institutions of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. He was at one time Electrical Engineer and Tramways Managers, Barking Urban District Council. His address in 1909 was given as 86, Claremont Road, Forest Gate, Essex. [EW 1909 p. 111].

Sherwell, Arthur Erskine (Dr.). Sherwell was born in 1901 at Brislington, Somerset the son of David Sherwell and educated at Bristol Grammar School and the University of Bristol. He married Mary Eileen Grace Wilkinson in 1926. He was a Medical Practitioner being a qualified physician and surgeon. Arthur was Certifying Factory Surgeon for Dagenham and Rainham from 1934; District Medical Officer for Dagenham from 1932 and Medical Officer to the Post Office, Dagenham from 1933. His recreations included Cricket and Shooting. In 1935 he was residing at 129 Broad Street, Dagenham, Essex. [EWW 1935 p. 251].

Shinwell, Emanuel. Shinwell was born in 1884 and died 1986 as Baron Shinwell of Easington, Durham. He lived at 105 Stevens Road, Dagenham 1923-1928 when first elected an MP in 1922 for Linlithgow. [Howson 1990 p. 28].

Stedman, Joseph. Stedman was born in 1868 at Buckhurst Hill, the son of Edward Stedman. He was educated at Buckhurst Hill and was a Barking Councillor 1931. In 1935 he was retired and a Justice of the Peace living at 7 Swiss Avenue, Chelmsford. [EWW 1935 p. 269].

Stevens, The Right Reverend Dr. Thomas. Lord Bishop of Barking 1901-1919. Stevens was born in 1842 the son of Thomas Ogden Stevens and married Anne Elizabeth Bertram. They had one daughter. He was educated at Sherborne and Shrewsbury Schools and Magdalene College, Cambridge University. He was Suffragan Bishop of Barking. Thomas was a Doctor of Divinity, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and Grand Chaplain for England (Freemasons). He lived in Barking and was a member of the Royal Societies’ Club. Thomas was Chaplain of St. Mary’s Hospital, Ilford 1901-1904. He died in 1920. [EW 1909 p. 119; Pike 1909 p.227; Howson 1990 p. 28].

Stewart, Donald Macrae (Dr.) Stewart was born in 1896 at Lochcarron, Ross-shire the son of John Stewart. He was educated at Dingwall Academy and Aberdeen University. In 1924 Donald married Jenny Naomi Dawson who had a Master of Arts degree. Donald was a Medical Practitioner who was also a Master of Arts as well as being a Bachelor of Medicine. His recreations were Tennis, Golf and Swimming. Donald’s heir was John Dawson Macrae who was born in 1933. In 1935 Donald was living at 254 Longbridge Road, Dagenham. [EWW 1935 p. 270].

Thomson, Adam Edward (Dr.). Thomson was born in 1902 at Aberlour, Banffshire the son of James Thomson. He was educated at Aberlour School; King’s College and Marischal College, Aberdeen. Adam married Jean Herron Love McNaughton in 1929. A son and heir, John McNaughton Thomson, was born in 1930. Adam was a Medical Practitioner and served as District Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator, Dagenham Central 1932. His recreations included Golf, Swimming and Tennis. [EWW 1935 pages 282-283].

Vesey, Percival Charles. Vesey was born in 1889 at Barking, Essex the son of Charles Alexander Benjamin Vesey. He was educated at the Wesleyan School, Barking. He married Violet Lillian Brooks in 1913. Percival was an engineer. He served as a Member of the Barking Borough Council 1932; Co-opted Member of Barking Education Committee 1929; Member of Romford Local Employment Committee 1923-1928; Member of Barking Local Employment Committee from 1928. His heir, Ronald Charles Vesey, was born in 1920. In 1935 Percival was living at 34 Waverley Gardens, Barking. [EWW 1935 pages 295-296].

Waller, Charles Kempson (Rev.). Waller was born in 1891 at Chelmsford, the son of Theodore Harry Waller. He was educated at Felsted School; St. John’s College, Oxford and Wells Theological College. Charles married Ruth Marion Eisdell in 1918, the daughter of John Warmington Eisdell. Their son, Richard Charles Eisdell Waller, was born in 1919. He was a Clerk in Holy Orders and was Assistant Curate at Barking Church 1914-1918; Priest-in-Charge and subsequently Vicar of St. Martin’s, Dagenham 1925-1929 and Chaplain and Vicar of Hornchurch from 1930. His main recreation was Golf. In 1935 he was living at The Chaplaincy, Hornchurch. [EWW 1935 p. 299].

Warington, Robert. Warington was born in 1838 and died in 1907. He was an agricultural chemist at J. B. Lawes’ works at Barking 1867-1874. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1886. Robert was Sibthorpian professor of agriculture at Oxford 1894-1897. His book Chemistry of the Farm (1881) reached 19 editions. [Howson 1990 p. 28].


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